Counseling Services

  • Counseling For Better Marriages   You don’t have to wait until you have problems to put effort into enriching your marriage! Marriage enrichment classes are offered periodically, taught by a experienced marital counselor. Participants take the Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis test. The TJTA is used to measure a number of important personality variables or attitudes and behavioral tendencies which influence personal, social, marital, parental, family, scholastic, and vocational adjustment. The marriage enrichment class consists of five ninety minute classes. The classes are free. Call us at (865) 483-7418 or email us at to see when the next class begins.
  • Pre-Marital Counseling Are you getting married soon? Get started right by taking the ten – one hour classes on getting ready for marriage. The classes are offered free of charge. Call us at (865) 483-7418 or email us at for an appointment.
  • Personal Marriage Counseling When there are marital problems, get help before your marriage is ruined. All counseling is completely confidential. Call us at (865) 483-7418 or email us at for an appointment. As with all of our services, there is no fee.​