WE TEACH THE BIBLE! We really do! We know everyone says that but we really do. Come and visit and put us to the test and you will see for yourself. We teach the Bible because we believe it is the Word of God. We teach the Bible because there would be no way for us to know Jesus except what is revealed in the Bible. We don’t make up our own doctrines; we just follow those in the Bible. We humbly admit that we are far from perfect in our quest of knowing and teaching the Bible but that is our resolve.

Worship Times

Sunday Morning Bible Class                  9:45 am

Sunday Morning Worship                     10:45 am

Sunday Afternoon Bible Class             12:00 pm & 6:00 pm

The same material is taught both at 12:00 pm and at 6:00 pm. We have found that offering a noon class that covers the Sunday evening class material is a significant benefit for our family members that live outside the Oak Ridge area.

Wednesday Evening Fellowship            6:00 pm

Send forth your light and your truth, let them guide me; let them bring me to your holy mountain, to the place where you dwell.  Psalm 43:3

The church of Christ at 219 New York Avenue, Oak Ridge, TN 37830